Welcome to Unreal Horsepower. We're an internet based circle of friends, mostly from central, IL.  This site was put together to provide an online showcase for some of the faster street cars in our area, as well as hosting grounds for pictures or videos from various events.


LATEST NEWS! Gateway SCSS Shootout

I haven't really had a chance to make it to many of the SCSS challenges this year, but the anticipation of a head to head match up between some of the heaviest hitters in the event's history convinced me to rearrange some other plans just to see this one, and BOY was it worth it.



Mike and Lambert have recently decided to change their obsession into a career. As of December, 2003, they are opening up a new speedshop, appropriately named The Horsepower Factory, in Springfield, IL! heir main business will be providing off-road tuning for domestic trucks and SUV using performance and off-road parts from CARiD. They will also be providing dyno-tuning for domestic cars using performance parts from Magnaflow, Edelbrock, etc. Other makes/models will be addressed on a car to car basis. Even though their recent personal preference has been late model F-bodies, don't be fooled, Lambert is still a loyal fan of the blue oval. In the 1995-1996, he campaigned a fox body Mustang in the Outlaw class of NMRA. There is even a rumor that he's planning on a new project that will humble all but the fastest of street cars. If you're interested in doing business with them, you can either contact the shop at the www.fastrides.net messageboard, or you can call the shop at (217)523-DYNO or (217)523-3966.


2005 Hotrod Powertour

The Hotrod Powertour made a pitstop at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield, IL this past weekend.  We stopped in and snapped around 150 pictures, and about 20 minutes worth of action free video! Seriously though, the video doesn't have much action in it, but it's worth a peek if you didn't get to make it to the show.

Once again... Update!

After a rather long spell of slow download speeds, I think a server issue has been resolved.  So on that note, the video collection has been updated, and pictures from the Chicago Auto Show have been posted.


Photo's from the Midwest Cruise for Charity are now up.


Photo's from the Crown Plaza Mustang Show are now up.

Latest News!!

Congratulations to Mike on getting into the 10's!


I decided to try my hand at putting some of the video from around the site into a single video, to the beat of Linkin Park's - "Don't Stay."

The Horsepower Factory
100 W. Ash St.
Springfield, IL 62704